Relaxing Exam Season Meditation MP3

Taking exams can be very stressful, and sometimes a student’s panic can undermine their ability to perform to the best of their ability.  What we need is to be able to relax, focus, concentrate and sleep well regardless of how stressful the situation is.

It’s well known that techniques like mindfulness and meditation can really help reduce stress, promote calmness and a feeling of wellbeing which can help concentration and focus. These techniques take time, practice and discipline though, and fitting this into our busy timetables can be challenging.

Using my decade of experience in stress-management, brainwave relaxation techniques and established methods for releasing subconscious blocks, I’ve created a deeply relaxing 30-minute meditation, specifically designed to help students maintain their calmness and clarity over the stressful exam season, while releasing some of the common subconscious blocks that undermine confidence at the same time.

This deeply relaxing 30-minute meditation will help anyone who is anxious about upcoming exams, whether whether at school or university level.

The meditation is designed to help in these important ways:

  • Reduce overall stress levels.
  • Promote restful sleep.
  • Help release trauma from past experiences.
  • Help release limiting subconscious beliefs which undermining confidence using established brainwave techniques.
  • Put in place positive confidence building beliefs.

To get the maximum benefit, the meditation should be listened to regularly as you go to sleep.  After the meditation itself, the recording continues with another 30 minutes of relaxing theta-frequency enhanced music to help you drift off to sleep.  The more you listen to it, the more powerful the benefits will be.

The meditation comes as an easily downloadable MP3 file to listen to on your mobile, iPad or laptop.

Never listen to this recording while driving or operating machinery.

Special Exam Season Offer £7


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