A Summer Solstice Clearing Ritual


We evolved very much attuned to the energies of our planet, phases of the moon and the cycles of the sun. These subtle effects still influence us today, our mental energy, the energies of our bodies, whether we realise it or not.

Aligning my mental intentions, my goals and my actions with solstices and the equinoxes is something I find not only very powerful, but also satisfying – because it’s a deep acknowledgement and connection with our ancient past. Doing this is one of the first deeply empowering things I did, right at the beginning of my journey and it’s something I still like to do today.

So, in this crazy year, full of its uncertainty, stress, fear and life-changes, I’d like to invite you to take a few minutes and connect to the energies of the solstice – to release whatever has been frustrating you, and set up your goals for the future.


Here is my simple solstice ritual for releasing blocks and creating the future. You will need a pen, paper, matches and a few minutes to yourself.

1) Sit quietly for a couple of minutes, and bring your focus into your heart and feel the connection with your body.

2) Now take the paper and write down everything that has been holding you back from achieving your goals. Everything that has frustrated you. Glass ceilings, fears, low confidence, covid-19. All those negative reasons why something hasn’t happened. All the excuses you’ve been holding in your head – the ‘it’s impossible’ ‘nothing changes’ ‘I’m not good enough’ ‘things will only get worse’ and whatever other negative mind patterns undermine you. Get it all down onto that paper. By acknowledging it, you are energetically getting it out of your head. The more the better!!

3) Next allow yourself some moments of compassion for yourself. This is the time when you’re likely to start blaming yourself for all that negativity! Instead, just acknowledge that you are human and this is totally normal. It’s ok to have these thoughts and feelings.

4) Now burn the piece of paper with all its frustrations and blocks. (Obviously taking sensible fire-safety precautions.) As it burns, feel and imagine those blocks evaporating from your life.

5) Finally write down exactly what you do want to create in your life. Don’t worry about the how, just set your goals. Ask the energies of the universe to help you take the right actions and bring you the opportunities you need to bring your dreams and goals into your reality. See it already in your life.

Now is the perfect time to write new patterns for yourself. Let’s manifest big!



What about going even deeper with this?  Well you can.   I’ve created an energetic version which brings in the energies of the sun and the earth to change those patterns within the quantum field.

Just make your list of things you want to release and clear.  Then listen to the energy audio – this will guide your subconscious and conscious  minds gently through the process of connecting with the energy of the universe, and releasing the deep roots of your blocks and limitations.

When you’ve finished listening to the audio, then burn your paper.

If this is for you, here is the link to get the energy clearing.


What do you think?

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