Rape and Assault: Healing Visualisation

After an assault, the first priority is to help your mind release the pain, shock and trauma of the experience in order to move on. To do this, you have to coax your subconscious into unfreezing itself and allowing these changes to occur. The following healing exercise is one I have used many times with my clients with great success.

When doing this, please remember that we in no way condone the actions of the person who assaulted you. Some of the things I ask you to do may seem strange – you may feel resistance. We will be talking about lessons, wisdom and a purpose; these things are the language of the subconscious, and even if it seems all wrong to your conscious mind, it is necessary. Please trust me that doing each step of this exercise will heal your mind and allow it to leave the emotional trauma behind. Remember, you deserve to heal, and this method works.

Now, the subconscious often believes it is learning something by experiencing the opposite; for example it might think it is learning about being empowered, by you feeling powerless. The logic of the subconscious may often seem warped and confused, but this doesn’t matter. We just go along with the way it works, in order to heal it.

The Healing

It is important to relax and keep your eyes closed while you do this exercise. You may find it helpful to record yourself reading the instructions and then listen to the recording.

Relax and close your eyes. Feel energy from the earth coming up through your legs to your heart, then filling your entire body. Then, feel yourself expanding; you are the room, the whole building, then the town, then the whole country, then the whole earth, the solar system, the universe, and finally you have expanded so far that you are everything. You should now feel light, relaxed and tingly.

You are now going to talk with the Universe. When you have asked the Universe for something, imagine, visualise or feel the answer flowing down into your body like a brilliant white light – let this take as much time as it needs to complete before you go on to the next part.

  1. Ask the Universe to explain to every cell in your body that the assault is over now. Feel the response flowing into your cells in the form of sparkling white light.
  2. Then ask the Universe to give you the highest understanding and truth of why the assault took place; ask what the higher purpose was. Again, wait for the answer to flow into your body as light.
  3. Now ask the Universe what your Soul or Higher Self needed to learn by going through the experience. Then ask what your attacker needed to learn too. (Before it will release an issue, the subconscious must believe it has learnt something.)
  4. So, what positive lessons have you learnt from your ordeal: what lessons have you learnt by experiencing the opposite? Ask the Universe to teach every cell of your body each of these lessons, from the highest truth, and teach you that each lesson is now finished, completed and over. You have learnt that you have the right to control your own body. You have learnt to be empowered. You have learnt that there is good in all people and all men. You have learnt that a man should always treat a woman with respect and love. You have learnt that you have the right to say ‘no’. You have learnt how to be safe. You have learnt that you are important and unique. You have learnt that your body is precious. You have learnt that…..(insert whatever you wish here). If any other lessons occur to you, simply add them into the list, and ask the Universe to teach you in the same way. In each case, wait and allow the white healing light to flow down into your body.
  5. Ask the Universe to explain that, since you have already learnt these lessons, it is now unnecessary to keep learning them, or to keep yourself safe, by vowing to hold onto the pain, shock, trauma, anger, grief, despair or hatred.
  6. Now ask the Universe to explain to you that everything you needed to learn by being raped, abused or assaulted has been learnt completely. That wisdom is now part of you, never to be forgotten. It is therefore unnecessary to hold onto the pain, shock, trauma, anger, grief, despair or hatred in order to prevent this happening again. It is also unnecessary to hold onto the energy of your assailant in order to prevent it happening again.
  7. Now ask the Universe to cleanse away the energy of your assailant. Visualise and feel all that energy lifting out of your body and being transformed into light.
  8. Ask the Universe to teach each one of your cells what it feels like to move on from this experience, knowing that all lessons are over, that the wisdom is part of you now, and that you don’t need to attract anything like this into your life ever again.
  9. Finally, ask the Universe to resolve and heal the experience in the highest possible way. Now let white and gold light from the Universe flow into your body, and into the world, to make any changes that are required. Just wait until this is finished.

When you are ready, gently bring yourself back into the room, and open your eyes.

I recommend repeating this exercise regularly in the early days. It is extremely effective at clearing the harmful shock and trauma, and will help you move forward. By releasing these negative energies, you will be able to get your life and your confidence back again.


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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Anne_Whitehouse_Ph.D.

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