Rape: Self-Help for Healing and Empowerment

When you have suffered rape or sexual assault, you are carrying that shock and trauma in the cells of your body. It is particularly important to clear that shock from your system as soon as possible. If you do it straight away, the damage to you will be minimal. If, however, you leave it to fester, it can undermine your health, well-being and relationships for many years to come.

The path back to empowerment after an assault is a long one, but there are simple, powerful healing techniques which you can use to make things easier. By putting yourself first and cleansing the energy of the experience, you will both take back control and take tangible steps towards regaining your well-being.

Emergency Measures

Firstly, you need to realise that the assault is over. You have survived. You are safe. While you consciously know this, subconsciously you are probably still frozen in that moment. So read these words several times:

“It is over now, I have survived and I am safe.”

Then, you need to get yourself some Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. This wonderful, natural remedy clears shock and trauma from your system before it can become ingrained and cause more harm. In this situation, you need to take four drops of Rescue Remedy directly on your tongue every fifteen minutes initially, then four times a day. (Bach Flower Remedies are completely safe for all and are available from any health-food store.)

Ground Yourself With Earth Healing

When we suffer an assault, the natural defense mechanism is to detach, not only from your feelings, but also from your body. We literally take our energy out of our bodies in order to get away from what is happening to us. Frequently, people who have suffered assaults are energetically out of their bodies for years, and disengaged from life.

So, tell yourself that since the assault is now over, it is safe to come back into your body. If you can, go outside with bare feet and spend several minutes walking on grass or soil. Imagine roots growing down from your feet into the earth. Feel your connection with the nurturing energy of Mother Earth. Feel how supportive that energy is.

Take grounding crystals, such as Jet, Red Jasper, and Haematite, and keep them with you. Another very important crystal for you to carry at this time is Carnelian. This wonderful stone clears the trauma from the abdominal region and brings healing.

Orange Colour Therapy

Orange is the colour with amazing powers to release shock and trauma. Orange resonates with the abdomen and the reproductive system. The frequency of orange energy is the one which transforms trauma into enlightenment; think of the saffron robes of the Buddhist monk. This is the colour which will help you move forward through this trauma, and empower you to grow from the experience rather than being destroyed by it.

At this time, it is essential to surround yourself with as much orange as you possibly can; an orange blanket is ideal. As you wrap yourself in the colour, consciously breath the colour into your lungs. Feel the orange soaking into your body. Imagine the colour cleaning every one of your cells. Feel the energy of your attacker dissolving and lifting away from you, leaving every cell crystal clear and squeaky clean. Feel yourself being transformed and renewed.

I know that the first days and weeks after an assault are terrible. However, these natural healing techniques are very effective and will definitely help you. They encourage you to focus on your own healing, and by releasing the shock and trauma, will help you regain your well-being as quickly as possible. Remember, you have survived, and you will regain your empowerment and your self-worth. This self-healing will provide a firm foundation for your future life, and will help you move forward as quickly as possible.


I have put together a special package of healing activations to help you overcome rape and trauma and reclaim your life again.  CLICK HERE for more information.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Anne_Whitehouse_Ph.D.

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