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What is Life Alchemy?  Quite simply, Life Alchemy is the process of taking the aspects of you’re unhappy with and turning that darkness on its head to make something wonderful.

We all have the power to change our lives for the better. In times past, people relied on natural techniques and their intuition, and we can still tap into that wisdom today.  Of course we have the amazing benefits of modern medicine now, and if you are ill you should always consult a doctor.  However, there are other aspects to your wellbeing: mental, emotional, spiritual as well as physical.  In particular, if you empower yourself, this changes your whole way of thinking and approaching life, and this can have huge knock-on benefits and make many aspects of your life better than you ever imagined, and sometimes that includes your health too.

The aim of this blog is to help us all empower ourselves, and give ourselves the tools to make our lives what we want them to be. There are many simple, straightforward things we can do to change things for ourselves. Some of these are actual healing techniques, others are changes in perspective and ways of thinking.  All are compatible with any conventional treatments you may be receiving.

I hope to give you ideas, techniques and tips which you can use easily, safely and effectively to enhance your life and the lives of those around you.  You don’t need to spend lots of money to change your life – you can do it for yourself.

All things Mind-Body-Spirit are welcome here.  It is only by opening our minds to the infinite possibilities of life that we can move forward and break through our old limitations. It’s an amazing journey – welcome onboard!

About Anne

If you had told me twenty years ago that I moneyintrophoto2would now be a spiritual teacher, writer and healer, I’m sure I wouldn’t have believed you.  My first career was as a scientist.  I studied Natural Sciences at Jesus College, Cambridge, and by 1996 I was a University Lecturer in Materials Science and Metallurgy.  However, a life-changing illness made me rethink my direction in life and catapulted me onto the holistic path – a path which I find infinitely more rewarding, and which suits me much better, I’m happy to say

I also have another full-time job: that of mother.   As every parent knows knows, they come with a million worries, many challenges and as many wonderful moments.  Over the years, I have used many simple, natural healing techniques with my children, and I have seen the benefits. I think we mothers have a natural healing intuition which most of us have only forgotten.  It doesn’t take much to remember that ability in ourselves.

In 2014 tragedy struck my life when my beloved daughter, Rebecca, died in her sleep without any warning, at the age of 7.  I honestly don’t believe I would have survived such a devastating trauma if I had not had my healing and spiritual understanding to help me.

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So this leads us to the blog.  It isn’t about my day-job of healer, it’s about what we can do to empower our own lives, tapping into the intuitive abilities we all have, and using simple natural healing tools to change our lives for the better.

I hope you enjoy the information and discussion on the blog. Please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see here.



Holistic therapies are wonderful tools which can help you improve many aspects of your life. What is more, you can access many of these techniques yourself. As with all treatments, no results can be guaranteed. You must always consult a doctor and obtain a medical diagnosis if you believe you are ill.

I do not diagnose or give medical treatment of any kind.  I only advise on therapies in which I am fully qualified and insured to practise.

I am based in Oadby, outside Leicester in the UK, where I live with my husband and son.



  1. I think it is not a coincidence that I found you, thanks so much for your words and wisdom, much appreciated, the message is now clear to me. 😉

  2. I wanted to ask if there was a place that teaches connective healing or healing in general, I feel I have something to offer and wanted a pathway to better understanding of my own abilities. Much thanks and gratitude in advance

    1. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I’ve been busy teaching. What I’d recommend is for you to take some training in one of the established healing modalities. There are energy channelling modalities, such as Reiki or Metatronics. Then there are healing techniques where you work with colour or sound. My personal favourite is ThetaHealing, where you work to change sabotaging energies deep within the subconscious mind by connecting to the energy of creation. There’s loads to choose from. The advantage of starting with a structured route is that you can bring in your own intuitive and healing abilities without the danger of you draining yourself or taking on any negative energy, and also you know that you are giving excellent healing! This is what I did. If you have a look at my website (www.anne-whitehouse.com), there are a number of therapies there – you can have a read and see what speaks to you. If any of these interest you, I’m happy to help locate someone accredited to train you in your area. Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll do my best to help.

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