The Day I Discovered My Voice

One fateful day in March 2019, something amazing happened to me. I’ll never forget it. I was attending an entrepreneurs’ workshop in London. Nothing unusual there. However, this was the first time I put all my power voice techniques into practice ‘in the field’.

As every scientist knows, a theory is just a theory until it’s put to the test in the real world!

As I went in to register, I quickly pulled in my power, shifted my focus, and felt that satisfying sensation of safety and entitlement slip into place.

Instead of struggling to say anything, playing with my coffee spoon, frustrated with myself and feeling like a failure, it was all different. This time I actually felt both confident, and truly myself – at the same time!! Something I had literally never experienced before in such a situation.

Certainly, I’d spent decades pushing through those feelings and blocks every day, forcing myself to speak up. Every sentence feeling like a struggle, and that knot of anxiety in my stomach always there, making me feel like some kind of fraud. Just like many other successful women have had to do, year in, year out.

Looking back at how I used to feel in my academic career I can hardly believe I’m the same person. The toxicity that I took on, the battling, the exhaustion and the being talked over. Grief! I can hardly bear to think about it, even now all these years later.

But there’s no joy or fulfilment in living your life that way.

That workshop was the first time in my life that I actually FELT relaxed and confident, speaking up and participating as me. I didn’t need to force it, I didn’t need to struggle through anxiety. Instead I just joined in, enjoyed it, and was taken seriously. I hadn’t believed such a thing was possible for me.

That was the day I knew I’d discovered something game-changing for women.

That was the day I proved that we don’t have to change our character, or fake it till we make it, or struggle past sickening anxiety to be speak up and make our mark.

I left that workshop walking on air with a huge grin on my face!

That revelation is something I hope all women experience for themselves – that it’s possible to feel deeply entitled, and at ease, participating as a powerful woman, without having to change who you are. That inner knot of stress, isn’t part of who you are, and you can free yourself from it.

Now, 18 months after that amazing day, I am going to teach these techniques for the very first time, in Female Power Voice intensive’. I’ve planned it as a hands-on transformation journey, where you’ll be guided through each step by me, and get to put what you learn into practice from day one. At the same time, you’ll be freeing yourself from many layers of disempowering hidden patterns that have kept you at a disadvantage out in the world.

This is for professional women who are fed up with battling (with themselves and the world), who are ready to push through those patriarchal limitations and are ready to find out who they are when those invisible restraints are gone.

I’m keeping this first group small and intimate, and I only have a couple of places left.

If you want one of the places, comment or message me now.

Anne x

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