Heart Energy, Consciousness and Life: What are you missing?

Are you really experiencing your life? Are you really present with each moment? On the other hand, perhaps your body goes through each day, performing tasks and
interacting with people while your mind is somewhere else entirely?

Do you spend your days dwelling on the past, thinking about the future or just imaging you were somewhere else? I know that I spent years being absent from my life. I didn’t realise this at the time of course, I was simply not engaging in the actual experiences I was living. What a waste!

So, what does true consciousness feel like? Here is a very simple exercise which will bring you into the present, and infuse your life with the wonderful high vibration energies of love. Next time you are doing a mundane task – perhaps folding the laundry, dressing your child or cleaning the house – do this exercise. Normally, you would let your mind wander, and perform such a task on auto-pilot. This time, take your thoughts to a person you love, if possible the person you’re doing the task for.  Think about how much you love them.  Don’t just think about it, FEEL IT.

As you do this, the energy in your heart will begin to grow stronger and stronger. Keep feeling your love for that person as you continue with your task. Now begin to put that love into what you are doing. Make the quality of your work match your feelings for them. Immediately you will come into the present moment.  You will be aware of each movement of your hand and each action, and as you do this, there will be care and love in the task. Instead of coasting, you are now engaged and totally present. Not only does this bring you into the present moment, it also expands your heart energy enormously.

This energy raises your vibration, clears negativity, and affects the world around you in a tangible and positive way. If you want to make the lives of those around you better, and your own of course, bringing yourself into your heart energy and infusing it into everything you do, is an essential and wonderfully powerful step. Several times a day, bring this love consciousness into your living, and feel the vibration of your world change.  Harmony will return to your relationships and stress levels will go down.

The more you do this simple exercise, the more you will become truly conscious in your life and the more you will experience the beauty of the world around you.

Please share this post with anyone you feel would benefit – thank you!

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