Magenta: The Colourful Way to Help ADHD Children and Their Stressed Parents

Many children struggle with ADHD and behavioural problems, and we parents end up suffering with stress, exhaustion and feeling generally frazzled. Would you like to learn how to make both yourself and your children feel more relaxed and focused using only colour and the power of your mind? In this post I will show you a quick and easy healing exercise which can really help.

Why Colour?

We evolved in the white light of the sun, and white light contains all the colours of the spectrum. Each colour is a different frequency of electro-magnetic light energy. Different areas of our body resonate with the different frequencies of colour energy: our crown resonating with high frequency violet, and the base of our spine with low frequency red. The colour which resonates above our heads, at the Soul Star Chakra, is magenta (3 parts red to 1 part blue). This frequency of light energy is extremely beneficial and can be used for many healing applications.

Fortunately, it isn’t necessary to have access to actual coloured light. You can activate the frequencies of the colour simply by using your mental intention, and can use this to give colour therapy to yourself and those around you.

“How can my mind affect those around me?” I hear you ask. Actually, this has been proven scientifically now. The eminent scientist Dr. William Tiller, of Stanford University, has conducted repeatable experiments which have proved that the power of human thought does result in real, measurable changes in both other people and our surroundings. He has proved that our consciousness extends beyond our physical bodies and that our intentions can produce specific changes in the physiological state of people around us.

So, let’s get on with the exercise.

Healing with Magenta

You can do this exercise just to reduce your own stress. You can do it with your child, making a game of it, or simply do it with them close by if you prefer. You can also do it to calm a room’s energy.

  1. Imagine a brilliant magenta coloured light about 6 inches above your head. If you are unable to visualise the colour, get something magenta to look at, a scarf or shirt is ideal.
  2. As you breathe in, imagine the magenta light flooding down through your crown, to your solar plexus (stomach area). With each breath, feel the energy getting stronger and stronger.
  3. Mentally send the energy down your legs and into the earth. Imagine the magenta mixing with gold earth energy and bring it back up into your solar plexus. Feel the strength of your personal power centre there.
  4. Then let the energy move up to your heart, the centre of love. Let the magenta energy expand, and let the love in your heart expand with it. Now let the love and colour expand out of your body, linking to everyone you care about. Then expand it to include everyone you know, and finally let it connect to every human on the planet. Take a moment to feel that connection.
  5. Now take the magenta energy up, out of your crown again, and send it to the stars. Imagine the magenta mixing with the silver star-light and then flooding back down to fill your entire body.
  6. Lastly, let the magenta energy flow out of your body to fill the room. Imagine the colour flowing into the hearts everyone with you, and filling their bodies with magenta light. As you do so, send your intention for unconditional love and harmony to fill every molecule of your surroundings.

What Does This Actually Do?

When we are relaxed and balanced, there is a flow of subtle energy through our bodies. At the crown we are connected to the universal life-force energy around us. At our feet we are grounded and strengthened by our connection to the earth. This flow of energy keeps us healthy. However, these energy centres can get blocked, stopping the beneficial flow of energy, resulting in stress and disharmony.

By mentally sending the energy up out of your crown and down through your feet, you are reopening these energy centres, allowing stress to reduce, and your body to balance and heal. When you send the healing frequencies out into your surroundings other people will unconsciously sense the vibration and intention of the energy, even though they cannot see the colour.

How to Get Maximum Benefit

When you have practised a few times, you will be able to do the whole exercise in a minute. Ideally, do the exercise each morning, and at least two other times during the day. As a parent, do it with your child before they go to school, when they get home and at bedtime. If you are a teacher or childcare provider, do the exercise and mentally fill your work environment with magenta energy before the children arrive. Then take a minute to repeat it whenever the stress level in the room begins to rise. Not only will you find that the people in the room will be calmer, but doing this exercise regularly will keep your own stress levels down, and stop you feeling drained.

Colour therapy is compatible with all conventional treatments, management programmes and medications, and you should always continue with your child’s regular treatment unless advised by your doctor. The use of holistic treatments is complementary to conventional treatment, not a replacement for it.

In my work as a Colour Psychologist, I have personally witnessed significant improvements in the well-being of both children and parents using this exercise – and in myself too! To get lasting benefit, it is of course necessary to use the magenta exercise regularly and consistently. Colour is an amazing healing tool which is available to everyone. It’s easy to use, completely safe, and can improve the lives of you and your family for free.

Please share this post with anyone you feel would benefit – thank you!

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