Terms and Conditions

By purchasing and downloading recordings and written material from Anne Whitehouse’s website, you are agreeing that:
For Books, Articles, Meditations, Online Healing Programmes, and Sacred Activations.
You accept the terms that all downloaded documents are copyright Anne Whitehouse, and remain her property. You agree to use them only for my personal use and that of my immediate family.  You will not reproduce, copy from it, use it in part or whole, or distribute it in any other way, without having received written permission from Anne Whitehouse. The only exception is by a reviewer, who may quote short excerpts in a review.
In addition for Sacred Activations, Meditations and Online Healing Programmes

You understand that the Sacred Activation recordings and Online Healing Programmes are purely spiritual energy healings, and that no claim is made as to their effect on any medical, psychological or physical condition or situation.  By downloading, listening to, or receiving any of these activations or healings, You agree that you understand this fact and accept full responsibility for this.  You also understand that they work alongside conventional medicine, and under no circumstances replace it. You acknowledge that Anne Whitehouse does not offer medical diagnosis or treatment of any kind.

You acknowledge that if you have any concerns about your health you should see your medical doctor or consultant without delay.

By downloading and listening to or reading any of Anne Whitehouse’s healings, recordings or other material, you accept all of the above conditions.