You Are The Alchemist

 Transform Your Life

What’s making you stressed?  Is it your health, your relationships, your career or your finances?  The trouble is that when we are stressed, we get stuck in a negative loop which produces more stress and negative energy in our bodies and in our lives.  The more you allow the unhappiness to win, the more you will suffer and the more negativity you will attract into your life.

There is a way out of this trap though. You can free yourself and it all starts with your thoughts.  Turn them around to the positive, and you can get rid of the roots of that negativity and transform your life.

The doctors told me that I would have ME forever, and at the time I believed my life was essentially over.  However, I proved them wrong and got my life and my health back.  This little book not only shows you what I learned, but also gives you free access to an online healing site which will short-cut this process for you*.

What are you waiting for?  Choose something better for yourself now!

I am not claiming to heal, cure of change any specific disease or situation.  This is an alternative way of approaching and dealing with life’s difficulties: results cannot be guaranteed.

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REVIEW – Pippa Merivale: Author of ‘Rescued by Angels’

“This is a delightful little gem of a book, full of optimistic inspiration for the spiritual seeker or anyone looking for handy hints on how to be happier, healthier and more fulfilled.  Its pocket-sized presentation is the demonstration that less is more: it will fit neatly into any handbag and every page carries a useful reminder that if we look up not down, the power source stays switched on.  Thank you Anne for this beautiful dose of ever-available sunshine!”

REVIEW:  Melissie Jolly – Founder of the Colour Mirrors Healing System

“I could feel the glow from this book the minute I picked it up. It has a fabulous energy and they say dynamite comes in small packages. This little book in the most succinct and least waffly way gives you all the information you need to help you take your power back, and have joy in your life.”

REVIEW:  Moira Bush – Colour Mirrors UK

“This little book is by no means little – it has a wealth of information to help you find a way back to a more authentic self.  I love the way the reader can deepen the information by going  on-line for more support and lessons; and the pass-along process to share the message that Anne has written is unique.  Mostly, I loved the courage that it takes spiritual authors to share their own journey, and Anne does so with grace and humility.”

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  1. A punchy little book! I really enjoyed reading it! Congratulations Anne on getting your message across to the wider public in a succinct, clear and informative way. Keep on writing! xx

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