POWER OVER FEAR – Free Online Empowerment Group to Release Fear

Only a couple of weeks ago I was busy getting the message out about my book, Pull Back Your Power, and organising to give talks to groups of women.  I was so enthusiastic and elated that finally I could get this vital knowledge out into the world and help many women break free of limitations.
Alas, how quickly things do change.
Now, I’ve put the women’s empowerment mission aside to address a much more urgent need.  Namely, the fear and anxiety which is in danger of undermining all of us.
This is a time to offer our skills to anyone who needs help in this crisis. I’m doing this by offering a FREE ONLINE GROUP open to anyone who wants to release fear, unplug from group panic, learn techniques to maintain a positive mindset, and actively create a positive consciousness.
The group will meet on Zoom on Thursdays 1.30pm to 2pm UK time, and I’ll provide a recording for anyone who can’t attend the live session. All welcome!
In this group we will be:
1) Releasing fear of coronavirus and its consequences in our lives and businesses.
2) Pulling back your power from fear so you feel more in control and stress is reduced.
3) Learning effective tools to deal with stress and panic and promote wellbeing.
4) Connecting with others and strengthening ourselves emotionally and mentally
during self-isolation.
5) Actively unplugging from group conscious fear and creating a positive mindset and group energy.
If you or anyone you know wants to participate, please register here:
PLEASE SHARE THE LINK – the more we can control fear and support each other, the better we will all get through this crisis.
The more we pull back our power from fear and disempower group hysteria and panic, the better it will be for everyone.
Thank you so much!

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