Don’t Be A Battery!

There’s a lot of talk about having healthy boundaries, and usually we think this means standing up for yourself, not behaving like a doormat and things like that.

However these things are just the tip of the iceberg.  When you realise that you are connected energetically to everyone and everything around you, this adds another dimension to your understanding.

Over the last few years, as I’ve investigated the way women interact energetically in the world, I’ve come to realise that we are undermined more than anyone realised. Much more! Boundaries are the place to start putting this right.

If you don’t have a healthy energetic  boundary with the people with your lives, they can end up sucking energy out of you. It’s as if you are part of an electric circuit, you are a battery, and everyone else is feeding off you!

However, you can do something about this.  
Read on and find out…

STEP ONE – Awareness is Power

Nearly every women has her energy sucked to some extent. There is no blame attached to this – these are subconscious mechanisms that go on without anyone’s knowledge. We have copied the patterns of the past from our mothers and grandmothers. These are patterns that need to go.
All we need to do is identify where the issue is and take steps to rectify the problem.

STEP TWO – How Do You Know?

The first thing to discover is whether you are being treated like an energetic battery.  
Important point to understand – you can be strong and assertive on the surface and still have your energy sucked underneath.  I’ve worked with a number of women who were strong warrior types, and who were astonished to discover they were being drained right left and centre.

There is an easy way of identifying when your energy is being sucked. The obvious one: do you feel tired and drained after being with a particular person?  But there are other signs too – ask yourself if you feel anxious, if you feel irritable, if your body wants to pull away from them, if you feel unwell or dizzy.  These are all signs that you are having your energy drained.  What is happening is that the survival part of your brain feels that you are under attack, and this triggers a stress response as a defence.  So, anyone who makes you feel anxious, or irritable, ill or angry is most likely sucking your energy on some level.

STEP THREE – Your Action Steps

Fortunately, your mind is extremely powerful and you can utilise this with your conscious intention once you know there is a problem.  Follow these stages in order.

1) When you realise your energy is being drained, feel into it for a few moments.  Can you sense where the energy drain is plugged into you?  Is it from your heart, your stomach, your abdomen, your brain, or is it all over.   If you can’t tell, don’t worry, just guess!

2) Now IMAGINE that you can see this energy drain running between you and the other person. Imagine that you can actually see the energy flowing out of your body.

3) Now REVERSE the direction of that energy flow.  With all your conscious attention, visualise the energy flowing the other way, flowing back in to your system.  You aren’t taking anything, or hurting anyone by doing this.  You don’t need to get all your energy back, we just reverse the energy flow to make it easy to unplug ourselves.

4) Now, UNPLUG that conduit from your body.  You are severing the connection and stopping them from draining you any further.

5) REPLENISH your energy by imagining life force flowing into your body through the top of your head from the universe.  Allow this to happen for several minutes.  Give the energy a colour – I always like to bringing gold sparkly energy, but the choice is yours.

If you have spent your whole life allowing others to drain you, then this will not stop immediately.  It is a case of retraining your system to maintain the integrity of your energy, and this takes practice.

BUT if you do this exercise frequently, you will begin to hold your energy better and stop people from plugging into you.  You will begin to feel real benefits in your life!



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