Pull Back Your Power: From Metallurgist to Alchemist

When I left my engineering lectureship, back in 2001, I thought I’d put that world behind me forever, and that those experiences were something to be forgotten as soon as possible.

Don’t get me wrong, I was angry about what had happened. It was just so wrong that this environment had proved so toxic to me. It just wasn’t fair that someone like me, qualified, capable, and motivated, ended up being crushed simply by trying to do my job.

However, my priority was simply to feel better and get my life back.

I went through the usual stages of ‘poor me’ and then ‘why me’ but then I finally began to see things another way. My quest to understand what had happened to me had taken my life in a totally unexpected and indeed wonderful direction. – the direction of life transformation, understanding the subconscious mind and the subtle energies of our world.

Eventually, I found myself at ‘it was a good thing this happened to me’ and then finally it became ‘this was the best thing that ever happened to me’. Despite all the illness, and the struggles, I was truly grateful that my health had pushed me onto this new life path.

The Metallurgist found herself transformed into a Life Alchemist!

As I got deeper and deeper into the subconscious patterns , the ancestral conditioning, the cultural limitations and the hidden patriarchal patterns in myself and others, I became more and more appalled at just how much we are still held back by these hidden energies and patterns from the past.

Officially obsolete, yet still there!

People may think that these effects are minimal, and even that they don’t exist, but all my work showed again and again the same patterns, the same blocks and the same deep damage they did to women – blocking their happiness, love, money, success and pretty much everything.

The patterns, the symptoms, the blocks – I saw them again and again and again. It wasn’t random. There was clearly something people weren’t acknowledging. Something creating all this sabotage. A hidden poison.

Always at the back of my mind, I wanted to solve the puzzle. To not only help untangle the traumas and conditioning of a few women’s lives, but actually to crack the code for us all.

Any scientist will tell you, pattens are key. If you can find the pattern, you can find the understanding that created it.
Understand the pattern, and you can crack the code. Crack the code, and you can find a solution.

And, after years of analysis, testing and expanding my understanding of what is possible, I found that key. It was back in my engineering experiences. It was there, in that man’s world, that I finally analysed what had happened to me, a woman, in that environment.

Once I had found it, I checked everywhere else, in the home, in business, within intimate relationships. Low and behold, the same energetic effect was happening to women no matter where they were and what they did.

I had cracked the code.

When I say this is my life’s work, I really mean it!

What I have discovered brings the root of all those blocks, out into the daylight, where we can finally all be free of them. There is nothing more important.

This is the understanding I’m bringing to the world in my book “Pull Back Your Power”. I’d love you to be part of this new consciousness I’m creating. Please click through, find out more and add your energy to mine.

Click Here to find out more.

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