Back Pain Bootcamp – The Verdict

So, I’ve now followed the Boot Pain Bootcamp meticulously right through and it’s time to give the verdict. The short answer – YES it definitely gives significant improvement to back pain.

Here’s the longer analysis:

Challenge Before After Pain Before Pain After
Standing Straight Impossible Possible 8 2
Weight on
Right Leg
Impossible Possible 10 4
Lying on Hard Surface Impossible Possible 8 4
Sitting Yes Yes 6 3
Core Strength Very Weak Strong
Posture Not great Better

So, you can see that although my pain hasn’t gone, there has been both a signifiant improvement in the pain, and but I think even more impressive, I can do things that I couldn’t do before.

The thing I’m truly delighted with is that I can now actually stand straight, for more than a few seconds. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I really couldn’t not do this before. Anyone who knows me will know that I’m the one desperate to find a chair, leaning against walls and shifting my weight from side to side. Now I can stand straight and feel rooted and indeed comfortable, and considering the amount of singing, and teaching I do, this a huge difference. Also, I can feel a dramatic improvement in my core strength. I’ve tried to improve this many times over the years, with no success. Coby’s method of reactivating the core muscles definitely works. Considering that I have two bulging discs which are putting pressure on a nerve, I think my results are pretty good.

So, overall I would recommend Coby Langford’s Back Pain Bootcamp as definitely worth doing, and if you are prepared to put in the time, you will get signifiant improvement in your back strength and pain levels. I’m intending to carry on with the exercises, and hope that things will get even better with time.

Coby Langford’s Back Pain Bootcamp

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