Back Pain Alchemy? Can back pain REALLY be turned off by a “Brain Switch”? [Back Pain Bootcamp-1]

How many of you have debilitating and chronic back pain?  I certainly do!  This is pain which hasn’t responded to conventional or alternative treatments.  I’ve tried the full menu – believe me! So when I was approached by a British Osteopath, Coby Langford (BSc. (Hons) Ost. Med. Registered Osteopath), and asked to review her revolutionary 6 week video programme, ‘Back Pain Bootcamp‘, how could I say no?

In her Bootcamp, she presents her unique combination of muscle relaxation, stretching, activation and strengthening – in a very specific order and timeline:  the ‘SOOTHE METHOD’!

She claims that her Soothe Method is able to reduce back pain dramatically in many people. Her list of testimonials is indeed impressive, but the proof of the pudding, as they say……..

Before doing anything like exercise or osteopathy it’s essential to have a diagnosis.  Fortunately, I do have my diagnosis, and Coby assures me that I am suitable candidate for this programme.

For my review to have any merit at all, it’s important you understand what my back condition is.  In a nutshell, 15 years ago, while I was pregnant with my son, my ligaments became too floppy, my pelvis twisted out of alignment crushing the nerves, putting me on crutches, and quite simply the pain never really went away.  Now, I have two bulging discs in my lower spine which cause significant pain around my right sacroiliac joint, around my right hip and cause pain when I put pressure on my right leg.  It does limit what I can do, and if I could be free of this pain it would indeed be a life transformation!

So what have I tried which didn’t work?  Goodness where to begin…..I’ve had anaesthetic and steroid injections, osteopathy, chiropractic, acupressure, acupuncture, physiotherapy, infrared, massage, energy healings (my own and other people’s), magnets, lasers, pilates & yoga (both of which proved impossible because there was too much lying on a hard surface which is very painful for me), Tai Chi, Chi Kung. I think that’s about it, but I may have missed out one or two things!  You get the picture!!!

Just to emphasise – none of the above treatments have had any lasting benefit at all.  Some provided very short term pain relief, some did nothing, and others aggravated the pain. Any kind of exercise aggravates the pain for me, even simple walking.  Every time I try to strengthen my back, no matter how gently, the pain gets worse.

So, here’s the bottom line –  if Coby’s programme can help me, then it truly is something absolutely exceptional!

[Just a quick disclaimer here – I don’t know Coby personally, and I’m getting nothing out of doing this review, other than the chance to do her programme.]
I’m intending to document my progress as I follow her programme to the letter and report here whether it helps my back pain or not.


Right. so today was day 1 of the programme for me.  I like the clear professional-looking membership site, everything meticulously explained and demonstrated by video. As you know, I’m an experimental scientist by training, and I need to understand how and why something works for it to have credibility for me.  Happily, Cody didn’t disappoint, and she explains very precisely and anatomically what has happened to cause 90% of the pain, why the usual treatments don’t work and exactly why her process does.   She explains that the back has two sets of muscles, the stabilising muscles – the ones which hold our posture – and the movement muscles.  What happens is that the stabilising muscles get switched off, and the brain doesn’t know how to reactivate them.  This means that the movement muscles have to take over stabilising duties, for which they are not designed of course, and so they quickly go into tightness and spasm causing pain. This situation will go on for years resulting in the chronic pain so many of us experience.

We all know that it is the core stabilising muscles which need to be strengthened to help our backs, but what nobody tells you is that normal so-called strengthening exercises simply don’t reactivate them.  So we end up just exercising the movement muscles and this of course makes the problem worse – precisely what I have experienced myself.   Coby’s Soothe Method has the effect of untangling this mess.  It relaxes the spasms, then reactivates the CORRECT stabilising muscles which can the be strengthened.  Genius!  The logic is excellent, and I am happy to proceed.

For the first two weeks, it’s essential NOT to do any strengthening exercises. So that means no treadmill or cycling for me!  But I’m not going to jeopardise the results by messing with the system, so that’s fine.

Each part of the programme is explained carefully in training videos, and once you’ve mastered what to do, you can just follow the exercise videos where you follow Coby’s lead with music.

So somewhat apprensively, I started this morning.  The whole sequence took me 20 minutes – not too arduous.  But, oh my giddy aunt, was my back hurting at the end of it! Now I’m not concerned by this, because Coby explains very clearly that to make any progress at all we need to stretch out the muscles which have been in spasm.  Mine have been in what can only be described as ‘a right state’  or more accurately ‘a pig’s breakfast’ for 15 years, so clearly everything is going to trigger them.  I take this as validation that her programme is reaching the parts it is meant to!

So, slightly delicate, I’ll proceed to day 2 and will report to you as I go along.

Fingers crossed that Coby Langford’s Back Pain Bootcamp is as effective as she claims. I can’t wait to be free of my pain.

If you’re a back pain sufferer or know someone who is, do please share my review!  Far too many of us live with this debilitating pain and relief would be truly life-changing.

Watch this space!

If you want to see the full information on the Back Pain Bootcamp here is the link to Coby’s site:

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