Cinderella Bootcamp – I think I’ve finally arrived!

There are those times in your life when things finally begin to come together, and I do believe I might be at one of those times now!

For years I’ve known there was something I had to create, something to empower women, but what was it?  Ideas came and went, but nothing felt quite right.

I kept asking myself, what was the missing link. What would open up all the opportunities and joys of life to all women? In particular, the key that would bring true love into women’s lives.  It felt so strongly that this was my purpose in life.

All the years of personal challenges – illness, burnout, bereavement – each challenge brought in more of the picture – the picture which would enable women to create the lives they really want – but I knew I wasn’t quite there.

Why is it that so many women don’t experience love?  We all deserve it, right?  We all want it…..

When love flows into our lives, everything falls into place – the relationships, the happiness, the wellbeing, the opportunities.  We do so much to try and bring it in.

Well here’s the bottom line – we aren’t receiving the love we want and deserve, because we aren’t treating ourselves lovingly.  It’s as simple as that.

Law of Attraction 101 – if you want the universe to bring you love, you need to SHOW the universe what to give you.

Let’s be honest, most women don’t love themselves.  We might think we do, we might eat the right things, get some exercise, take our supplements, but then we tell our bodies we hate them because we have a bit of weight to lose, or we are the wrong shape, or we believe look too old to be desirable.  We’re conditioned compare ourselves with a fictitious perfection of so-called beauty which means pretty much every woman is doomed to fail every single day of her life.  Even if we don’t think these things consciously, the messages undermine us.

Then on top of that, we drive ourselves mercilessly. We drain ourselves, we don’t give ourselves time and space to relax.  We put everyone else’s needs before our own.

Then on top of that, we tell ourselves we aren’t good enough, are inferior, don’t deserve a good life – beliefs we’ve acquired from the knocks life has given us.

And then of course, if you have gone through major trauma, heartbreak, rape or abuse, this brings you down even further, because we store the ugliness that was done to us in our bodies and mistake that energy for us.  It could not be further from the truth.

Hardly an energy of loving ourselves!

Basically, we are showing the universe that we want the energy of harshness, hate and neglect.  How can we expect the to find a wonderful romantic partner who loves us totally, if the messages we give out about what we deserve are so different?

This is the key!

So, then, how could I REALLY change this in a deep and lasting way.  To do this it was necessary to get deep down to the core of the problem, and shift those deep misconceptions and restore our connection to inner value, and true beauty.

AND I knew exactly how I could do this in a way that should be life-changing.

Being still a closet scientist, even though it’s been many years since I left my scientific career, I did the obvious.  Started testing my theories on myself, and before long I had a signature system in place.  A combination of everything I’d learnt from my years of work on myself and other women.  New techniques I’d developed to help myself recover from the loss of my daughter proved invaluable in this much more joyful task!

Brilliant!  It all worked, and I really felt different very quickly.

My husband commented on the Cheshire Cat grin which was spread all over my face.

Cinderella Bootcamp was born.

Why Cinderella?  Simple – Cinderella went from being ignored, downtrodden, unloved and disempowered to being loved, powerful and a beautiful princess.  The analogy is perfect.

We all deserve to receive love and happiness.  We all deserve to have a wonderful life-partner.  Life can kick us with its painful experiences but we don’t need to let this hold us back. We can define what beauty is, we can create the energy which will bring love and happiness into our lives.

I have a really good feeling about this. It feels as if this is what I’ve been working towards for all these years.  Finally!!  I think that grin is still there….. I can’t wait to get started on the first Cinderella Bootcamp!

Here’s the mission:

Are you a woman who longs to shine and be loved, but your low self-confidence, your poor body image and
a painful past are keeping you hidden and alone?

In 6 weeks….




no matter what you’ve been through,


and are finally ready and able to




EARLY BIRD registration ends on SUNDAY 21st January!






What do you think?

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