Receiving – Are You Blocking It?

I recently posted a poll in my Facebook group – Catapult Club for Amazing Women asking the members what one thing they wanted to unblock that would change their life.  On the list of options I included empowerment, happiness, freedom, opportunity, choice, love, but nearly everybody thought that for them receiving was blocked.

So why don’t we allow ourselves to receive?  Ask yourself, do you let the universe send you help, support, love, money, happiness?  Or are you stuck with an energy of struggle, having to do everything by yourself, and giving everything away to others?

Probably the latter!

So, why are we so hung up on receiving.  Why is it so awful if love, support and abundance just flow to us, and more importantly, how do we change this?

Here’s the root – do you believe deep down that it is selfish to receive these things when other people don’t have them?  Do you believe that to be a ‘good person’ you have to be utterly selfless?  These beliefs were indeed programmed deep into our psyche from our ancestors’ religious beliefs whether or not we consciously believe them.  Like a hidden poison they cause us to block the infinite abundance that the universe has to offer us.


That’s right, nobody benefits.

Abundance isn’t like a game of pass the parcel where if you have it someone else doesn’t have it.

Our abundance (joy, health, happiness, money, opportunity etc.) is a reflection of our vibration.  The higher vibration we hold, the more abundance we attract into our lives. When we block these things our vibration goes down and everything suffers.

Here’s the KEY POINT.  Our vibration is like our temperature.  If you want to help someone to make their life better, you need to help them raise their vibration.  If you see your friend is cold, and think “if I sit beside her, and make myself as cold as possible, she can have all the heat and she’ll benefit.”  You know this is ridiculous! Physics demands that the heat flows towards the colder body.   So if you make yourself as cold as possible, your friend will get colder.  The only way to help her raise her temperature is to make yourself hot so she warms up.

It’s the same with true abundant vibration.  If you want to help people around you, the only way is to hold the highest, most abundant vibration you possibly can and this will bring everyone up.  Your abundance will generate more abundance around you from which everyone can benefit.

So, blocking your abundance by stopping yourself from receiving is probably the most selfish thing  you can possibly do, because it brings everyone else down too!

Help everyone around you by letting yourself receive all that the universe has to offer.  That’s the way to really make a difference in the world.

Please share this post with anyone you feel would benefit – thank you!


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