Dec 21st 2012 – The New World!

So we’re finally here – Winter Solstice 2012.  We’ve turned the corner and we’re moving into a new world. This isn’t a switch from one extreme to another.  We’ve been working through this transition for years as you’re probably aware.  However, now would be a good moment to reflect on just how much things have changed over the last twenty years. When I consciously started my spiritual journey over a decade ago, I felt isolated, a freak even! Nobody I knew understood anything I was doing or experiencing.  Nowadays however, in my work as a ThetaHealing Teacher, I see people who are spiritually awakened on a daily basis.  No longer are we the lone pioneers; this energy has filtered into the group consciousness and is becoming the norm.

We used to believe that things were what they were, and we were stuck with it.  We judged, we reacted, and we believed we were victims of our circumstances and stories. Over the last few years, this viewpoint has been turned on its head.  Amazing healing modalities have been born that can free us from those old patterns permanently.   We now

thoughtsunderstand energy in a completely different way.  If things aren’t the way we want them in our life, we have these phenomenal tools and with them the power to change the underlying energy and change our experience of life. We can clear those past traumas and limiting programmes, and move forward, taking only the positive wisdom with us.  No longer are we forced to hold on to those lower vibrations of resentment, judgement and anger; condemned to repeat the same patterns over and over again. Finally, we have the opportunity to be truly free and become all of which we are capable.

Do you remember all the fear and panic as we moved into the year 2000 and the dreaded Y2K bug threatened to destroy civilization – so much irrational fear overwhelming the group consciousness? Then today, to my utter astonishment, I hear on the Classic FM radio, discussion and comment on the new age of spiritual awakening starting with this momentous date. For those of you who aren’t from the UK, this is a mainstream national radio station.  My first reaction was complete surprise, but after a couple of minutes I realised this is simply a sign of how things have shifted.  It shows us how these spiritual concepts, which used to feel out on the fringe, have subtly crept into the group energy. We really have moved light-years away from that locked state of judgement and fear that used to hold us back so much.

…and what do we do now?  Well that’s simple.  Our goal is to live, be and exist in a vibration of pure and unconditional love. Any lower vibrations are poisonous to us, undermining our connection to All That Is, undermining our health, our well-being, our joy and our abundance.  With our new understanding and our new tools, we no longer have to believe what we think.  We now have the awareness to stop ourselves when an energy of resentment, hatred or bitterness threatens to sabotage our journey forward. All these old patterns are simply energies which can be changed. We can choose to release those old limitations and aspire to that highest of loving vibrations.

So, don’t just believe what you think. What you think is the result of the base programming of your mind. Instead be alert to what you think, and use that to pinpoint the work you need to do on yourself to release your limiting past and patterns.

This winter solstice marks the tipping point. The transition will continue and these loving energies will continue to grow within the group consciousness. Each one of us that commits to moving forward in this energy will contribute to that transition.  Let’s do this now and together.

Wishing you a peaceful and loving 2013,


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