The 2nd Biggest Mistake That Keeps Women Like You Lonely, Insecure and Unloved

You don’t nurture and love yourself.

Deep down, do you believe that you’re worthless, unattractive and inadequate?  Are you
constantly comparing yourself unfavourably to other women?  Do you spend too much time worrying about what other people think of you?

Even though you may not be aware that you feel this way, on the subconscious level, these beliefs about yourself are putting out a very strong message which will be picked up by people around you.  Are you going through your life unconsciously telling everyone you meet that you are worthless?  If you are, then that is how people will perceive you. That is how men will perceive you!  Ask yourself now, would you like to change this?

Worrying about what everyone thinks of you is counter-productive.  This will just continue to lower your feelings of self-worth and make things worse.

Here is the key – forget about everyone else and start loving yourself – and I mean really loving yourself because you actually deserve it!  Listen to your feelings and your body. Make enough time to look after yourself, unwind and pamper yourself. Even if you are a busy mother, career woman or both, you can do this.  It doesn’t take a lot of time or a lot of money.  Everyone can find 10 minutes here and there to honour themselves if they believe they are truly worth this attention.

However, this is far more than just giving yourself time for a bubble-bath or having your nails done.  Every time you nurture yourself you are retraining your mind on the deepest level. You are beginning to dissolve those old beliefs that said you were worthless, and replace them with programmes about your value.  Little by little, your energy will change. Instead of putting out that message of inadequacy and worthlessness, this will shift to a message of self-respect and value.

When you love and nurture yourself, you become stronger on every single level and harmony returns to all areas of your life.  When you love yourself, you’ll begin to attract love from others.

Remember, it is not selfish to look after and love yourself. Your children, friends and family will feel the benefits too when you radiate harmony and love instead of stress and exhaustion!

Think what your life will be like when you give out the beautiful message that you deserve love and respect.  How will things be different when everyone you meet feels that energy as soon as they meet you?  Think how that will change your relationships!

Start loving yourself.  It’s easier than you think, and you deserve it.

In the next post, I’ll give some healing you can use to kick-start this change for you, so watch this space. 🙂

Please share this post with anyone you feel would benefit – thank you!

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