Learn to Avoid the 3rd Biggest Mistake That Keeps Women Like You Alone, Insecure and Unloved.

So, last time you learnt about the third biggest mistake that keeps women alone and unloved.  Well here are a couple of exercises you can do to get yourself out of this trap.  The trick with these is to do them regularly.  The more you do them, the more powerfully you will reprogramme your mind, and the more the energy you put out into the world will change.

Exercise #1 – Become Authentically You
Close your eyes and focus into your heart.  Breathe gently and imagine your heart energy growing stronger and stronger with each breath.  Now ask yourself honestly, where in your life are you not being true to yourself? Where in your life are you being artificial or hiding your true self from others? Are you trying to be someone who isn’t you? Are you behaving as others expect rather than as you wish? Are you going against the direction your heart wants? Are you fixated on a part of your body which you hate? The answers may come to you immediately, or they may come over the next few days. Whenever you become aware of something, decide what you are going to do to come back to your true authentic self in that situation.  Each step you take towards being in tune with your heart energy and honouring yourself will allow more of your inner beauty to shine out into your life.

Exercise #2 – Find Your Inner Beauty
Take a piece of paper and write down at least one hundred qualities, accomplishments or gifts you like about yourself. Yes, you can do this!  When you’ve finished sit with the list for a while and focus on all that wonderful energy.  Then imagine it as a beautiful ball of golden light. Close your eyes, and breathe that energy into your body, feeling it fill your heart and then every cell of your body. Tell yourself, “I am beautiful and wonderful just as I am.” at least twenty times.  Repeat every day for a month to train your mind.

When you truly take on board the fact that you are a beautiful and wonderful human being, this energy will radiate out to others.  There is nothing more attractive than someone who truly accepts themselves for who they are. By doing this, you will stop attracting shallow or self-centred men, and instead bring sincere and worthwhile men into your life.

Accept that you are wonderful just as you are, and you avoid the first mistake that keeps women like you alone, insecure and unloved.

In the next post you’ll learn the second biggest mistake that keeps women like you alone, insecure and unloved.

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