Every Mother Is a Healer: Discover Your Abilities

As women and mothers we have a natural intuition, sensitivity and healing ability.  In the
past, we relied on this and trusted our instincts; we lived in tune with nature’s cycles and seasons, and acknowledged that there was more to the world than simply what we could see with our physical eyes.

In our day and age though, these gifts and insights have been forgotten and swept under the carpet.  Our western education system teaches us to shut down this side of ourselves completely, only giving credibility to the logical and the analytical.  Further undermining this is our long history of persecuting the healers, medicine women, herbalists, clairvoyants and witches.  For centuries, merely to acknowledge the intuitive meant danger and probably death. Sadly, we have all been born with those patterns of fear blocking our natural abilities.  As a result,  our society is sadly unbalanced.

Does this mean we don’t have those abilities anymore?  Absolutely not!  All it means is that our brains have been conditioned to tune out and ignore those messages.  Once we start telling our brains that we are actively looking for those intuitive messages now, they will begin to behave in a different  way.

You can discover and develop that side of yourself simply by intention and practice.  It may not happen over night. It will probably be a gradual process, it certainly was for me. Like any skill, you just have to try it and work at it. Over time, you will be able to tap into those hidden abilities and intuitive gifts, and use them to support and nurture yourself and your family.  Once you do this, and bring those gifts to life again, I’m sure you will find yourself using them more and more.  Not only this, but you will probably feel more whole and balanced too.

As parents, we also have a responsibility to our children – a responsibility to encourage them to become all of which they are capable.  In the past, if children demonstrated any intuitive abilities at all, they were likely to be shut down immediately – told that what they were experiencing was evil or ridiculous.  However well-intentioned, this would have effectively stifled those abilities in the children. Fortunately things have changed dramatically in the last few years.  Now, the spiritual intuitive side of our world is opening up as we move into the new age.  People are far more open to these concepts than they were when we were children.  This gives the mothers of today the freedom to embrace this way of thinking in safety.

The children that have been born since the turn of the century, and just before, are often very special, with beautiful crystal energies. They are the children of the new age who are vital for our evolution.  Who knows where these children will go, or where their gifts will take them. As parents, it is up to us to nurture these children and allow all of their gifts to develop and flourish, not just those which fit into our western logical world.  When you become aware of your own intuitive side, I really hope you will begin to encourage your children to develop their intuition and sensitivity too.  Perhaps this means simply tuning into the energy of a tree, or feeling the energy of a crystal. Perhaps it is simply acknowledging that maybe your child did see an angel or a fairy!  Simply by being open to these things, you can allow your children to develop their intuitive ability naturally, in their own time. It will be much easier for them than for us.  Our job is to remain open to infinite possibility, so that we don’t inadvertently stifle anything in our children.

So, what about any fathers reading this post?  Are you excluded?  Well, of course not. There have been sensitive intuitive men over the centuries who have demonstrated remarkable healing gifts.  This may be a bit more unusual, but the fact that you are reading this suggests that you are probably one of those who is open to accessing this side of himself.  There is absolutely no reason why you too cannot connect to your natural healing ability and use that with yourself and your family.  We all gain in wisdom and strength when we allow every side of ourselves to flourish.

For the first 35 years of my life, pretty much the only part of myself that I’d acknowledge at all was the logical side.  Let’s face it – I was a scientist. The only world which existed for me was the three-dimensional world. Everything had to be proved visibly in order to exist. Anything else was completely ignored. As my life changed though, I began to open myself to the possibility that I might be intuitive as well.  I came to realise that I had been blanking out half of myself.  It is no wonder that I became ill in the scientific environment. Thankfully, those days are now over.  I think that my own journey was particularly challenging simply because I was a scientist.  It was not that I believed these gifts did not exist, rather I believed that I myself was incapable of accessing them. However, with perseverance I have managed to embrace my sensitive intuitive side.  This is what I say to you… if I can do it, anyone can!

Now, when it comes to healing your child, every mother has an enormous advantage. You already have a very deep bond with your child.  This bond isn’t just emotional, it is also energetic.  There is a tangible link between you and your child, and you can use this.

Over the coming weeks, I’m going to be giving you some simple exercises to do, which will help you tap into your natural healing abilities. There’s not going to be anything complicated, or anything that will take a long time – I know just how little spare time and energy we have!  The key is consistency though.  If you spend just one minute a few times a week, you will soon begin to train your brain to think differently.  Even if you have never tried anything like this before, you will get results.  Not only this, but in the process you will share some wonderful moments with your child and make your bond even stronger.

Please share this post with anyone you feel would benefit – thank you!

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