Colour Therapy: Heal Your Family With Rainbows!

Colour therapy is an amazingly effective way of healing your family.  Children of course love it because they respond automatically to the vibrancy of colour.  I used to be dismissive of colour therapy – until I tried it that is!  I was astonished at how powerfully colour could balance, harmonise and heal people of all ages.

So, how does colour work?  We evolved in the light of the sun, and sunlight is made up of all the colours of the spectrum.  Our bodies are therefore used to these light energies and resonate with that energy.  Our heads resonate with the high frequency colours of violet and purple, and the base of our spines resonate with low frequency red.  Anyone familiar with the traditional Chakra system will know this.  Holistic approaches to health and wellbeing are often based on the subtle energy systems of the body.  When these energy pathways and centres are blocked, this can lead to disharmony in the body, which may lead to health problems further down the line.

So, if there is a block in a certain energy system, you can help to clear and energise that system by giving it the colour energy it resonates with.  For example, if you are suffering

Healing With Rainbows

from blocked throat energy, you might be suffering from communication difficulty or sore throats.  This area of the body resonates with the colour blue.  Using the colour blue around your throat in the form of scarves or jewellery can help the energy here unblock and improve your health and wellbeing.

There is more to colour therapy than this though.  The psychology of colour is an amazing universal language.  When we are going through certain issues or difficulties in our lives, these resonate with certain colours too.  It does not matter which country you are from, or which language you speak.  It does not matter if you live in a busy western city, or the Amazon rain forest.  Colours have a similar resonance with particular feelings, issues, and aspects of being human.  The beauty of this is that your subconscious mind instinctively knows what you need to balance your system.  This means that the colours you are drawn to, at any particular time in your life, are the ones which will help, heal and balance you.

I can give a brilliant example of this.  Years ago when I was still a scientist and University lecture, I knew absolutely nothing about colour therapy.  However, at that time in my life I was pushing myself much too hard, forcing myself into a role which did not suit me, and was heading towards burnout and illness.  The colour which addresses this issue is green:  green brings harmony, balance, healing, space, and brings you into alignment with the energy of your heart.  It was exactly what I needed.  Even in my scientist world, I painted my front room green, put down green carpets, bought green lights, and I bought a wardrobe full of green clothes.  At the time I just knew I needed green.  At night I would get in from work, sit down in my green room, and feel the stress just draining away.  I did not realise that I was actually doing colour therapy on myself until 15 years later!

Colour is a tool which every parent should use on a daily basis.  It is so simple to use, completely safe and it can make a real difference to the wellbeing of your family.  In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing with you specific examples of colour therapy which you can try with your own children.

Please share this post with anyone you feel would benefit – thank you!


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