Is It Safe To Give Flower Remedies To My Baby or Child?

Flower remedies are perfectly safe to give to your baby or child, and they can be extremely beneficial.  In fact, I consider them an invaluable tool in every mother’s cupboard, and I would not be without them myself.  With my own children, I started using the remedies when they were only a few months old.

Flower remedies work to clear the low vibration energies of negative emotions and traumas from our systems.  Very young children and babies are, of course, incapable of explaining or even understanding what they are feeling, so the negative impact of these feelings can have a more damaging effect than they would have on an adult; the remedies can therefore be particularly helpful for children.

Bach Flower Remedies

The most easily obtained and useful flower remedies are the Bach Flower Remedies, and you can get these from any health food shop.  They usually come in 10ml glass bottles with a dropper incorporated into the lid for easy measurement.

Now, flower remedies only contain the energetic signature of the flower, so there is no need for concern that you are giving your child any of the actual plant.  This makes the flower remedies completely unlike herbal medicine, which of course you need to be extremely careful with.  They do come in a brandy preservative though, so you need to remove the alcohol before giving them to your child.  Fortunately, doing this is extremely simple.

Once you have decided which remedy you need to use, add four drops of the remedy to a cup, and then add a little boiling water.  Swill the cup around.  As the remedy is heated, the brandy will begin to evaporate – you’ll be able to smell it.  After 3-4 minutes, practically all the alcohol will have evaporated, and you will be able to use the remedy.  Now, add more water to the remedy to make it up to about 30ml.  The remedy will last up to 4 weeks, but you must keep it in the fridge.

I would recommend giving a young child or baby only one drop of remedy at a time, four times a day.   You can add it to their water or milk.

I’ll be discussing situations and applications where it is really helpful to use flower remedies with your children in future posts.

Anne Whitehouse
(SNHS Higher International Diploma in Flower Remedies)

Please share this post with anyone you feel would benefit – thank you!

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