11/11/11 Let’s Make a Difference

I firmly believe that we can influence the physical world with our focused thoughts and
intention, and when people get together with a common focus, that effect is magnified many times.  Today, many people around the world will be joining together to do healings, send out positive energies and focus on the new vibration.  Whether or not you believe that there is anything significant in the date of 11/11/11, it is a great opportunity to make this joining of minds and intentions even more powerful.

I have invited everyone on my mailing list, and am inviting you now, to take a few minutes around 8pm GMT tonight to focus on your heart energy, and then make a connection with everyone on the planet in that loving vibration.

Please join in with this healing intention in whichever way you feel is right with you.  It isn’t often that so many people will be joining together with such positive intentions.  Let’s not miss this wonderful opportunity!



  1. Thanks Anne. Will join in tonight & send some positive Reiki to us all…. A tough 10 days so far.. Your insights are helping me enormously. Much love …Nearly there now xxx

  2. Hello Anne and all who joined in the healing session yesterday at 8pm for 11.11.11. I sent some reiki & seichem earlier in the day to continue until 9pm, and I also healed in person at the time using the heart chakra. It was a lovely feeling, and I experienced warmth in the heart area for some time afterwards. I really felt the positive energy beaming out quite strongly, indicating, for me, that there must have been quite a few of us doing this. Would anyone else care to comment? An enjoyable experience Anne, thank you for inviting me to join. I would happily participate in this again. xxx

  3. Hi Elfreda and everyone else who sent healing on the 11th.
    I also felt a lot of energy moving at this time, and what I can only describe as a sense of expansion and connection which is different to what I experience when sending healing alone. There was a lot of heart energy, and I also felt a very strong earth energy connection. I definitely think this is something worth doing on a regular basis.
    Thank you for participating!
    with love
    Anne xx

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