Journey to 11/11/11 – we’re nearly there!

Here we are, nearly at the end of the journey to 11/11/11.  It has been quite a ride for me, and I know a lot of you too.  This was a journey that took us back to our greatest weaknesses and fears, but which has helped us not only to surmount them but grow and evolve.   Did I imagine or contrive all this stuff?  Absolutely not.  In fact I had not even thought about it until the rug was pulled out from under my feet and everything came crashing down around me. Then it was only when I began to deal with what was happening that I saw the big picture and understood that it was all part of a powerful and necessary process.

Colour Mirrors, 1 – The Sun

1/11/11:  1 is The Sun.   Here we started the process – taking another look at the fears which prevented us from stepping into the ‘I AM’ energy. We are on a quest to find our true selves and our authentic power.  However, in the yellow lies our fears, the need for control that holds us back again and again.  What fears came up for you?  For me, they were very old fears, but this time they reared their heads with more intensity than ever.  When this happens, it can be so hard, but remember that within the yellow also lies the potential for joy and fun.  I confess, this time, I was a million miles away from acknowledging any fun and joy.  The fears were simply  overwhelming.

2/11/11: The blue energy of The Moon bottle leads us to look within.  This is where we

Colour Mirrors bottle 2, The Moon

have to confront our greatest weaknesses, despairs and hopelessness.  This makes us take another look at our shadow side.   This was a very hard day.  Looking within brought up more fears for many of us, more weakness and more despair.  The outlook felt very black and there seemed to be no hope. For most of our lives, we choose to believe that our shadow side does not exist.  It frightens us.  However, once you have looked at that aspect of yourself, you grow stronger, and it will begin to lose its power over you.  The shadow side provides us with the strength to overcome difficulties and realise our true potential.

3/11/11:  3 is the energy of Jupiter.  This energy makes you understand and acknowledge

Colour Mirrors bottle 3, Jupiter

your own vulnerability and sensitivity.  How could you possibly be strong enough to survive, let alone stand up for what you feel is right and fulfil your life-purpose?  Doubts and fears are overwhelming.  However, the lesson here is to understand that there is more strength in sensitivity and vulnerability than we realise.  In fact, when we acknowledge that sensitivity within ourselves, that is when we actually begin to blossom and become all of which we are capable.  In this last week, people have felt vulnerable as never before.  I certainly did.  However, the lesson for me was that it is the sensitivity which is the gift not the weakness, and is indeed one of my greatest strengths and yours too.  More than this, the strength of sensitivity, standing within integrity and truth, is stronger than any negativity thrown at you.

Colour Mirrors bottle 4, Uranus

4/11/11:  4 is the energy of Uranus – this is the bolt of lightning that smashes through our perceived weaknesses and fears.  It was only the old patterns that held us locked in fear.  These patterns had come up now, with this powerful time of clearing, to allow us to break free of them and move forward.  It is simply unnecessary to keep ourselves caged in with those same old fears now.  It takes a leap of faith let go of those limitations of fear – the fear has kept us safe for so long.  However, this is the opportunity to rise above it, and free our lives from its grasp.

Colour Mirrors bottle 5, Mercury

5/11/11:  5 has the energy of Mercury, a wonderful heart energy.  I love the energy of this number.  Once we free ourselves from the fears which have been holding us back and limiting our lives, we are finally able to follow our hearts.  This is where we look within and see what our path truly is.  If you fight your heart, there will only be stress and conflict within.  Once you see the direction of your heart, your life will begin to flow.  More than this, once you have that energy flowing into your life, standing in the integrity of who you truly are, this can only bring good things to those around you.  Does it matter that others might disagree with you?  Absolutely not. Know the truth of your own heart and stand firm.

Colour Mirrors bottle 6, Venus

6/11/11:  6 has the energy of Venus, and unconditional love.  In my own path to 11/11/11 the 6th was all about acknowledging my own needs and that I am worthy of being loved and nurtured, as much as anyone else in my life.  After the big traumas and battles have been fought, and the difficult moments of self-realisation survived, this energy is the one which brings in the healing and the wholeness again.  In order to find that and allow the wounds to heal, you need to give yourself that attention, space and care.  Never forget that you deserve this.  It is only by allowing yourself to heal and balance before you move forward that you will find lasting strength.

Colour Mirrors bottle 7, Neptune

7/11/11:  7 has the energy of Neptune, of going down into the depths and channelling the wisdom we find there.  I could not believe how this energy affected me on the 7th.  Although I had moved through huge layers of negativity, self-doubt and fear, there was still another layer stopping me.  On the 7th I realised that the key to moving through it was within me, and I let the issue clear with ease and grace.  After years of struggling with this, over and over again, in the event, it only took a change in perspective to enable me to move forward.

Colour Mirrors bottle 8, Saturn

8/11/11:  8 is the energy of Saturn.  Thank goodness!  The traumas and suffering are now past.   Although there is still work to do, the foundation of strength has now been built, and we are moving forwards towards our goal, slowly but surely.  Saturn energy is often difficult to deal with; it can mean we are taking things too seriously, and making them too much hard work.  However, after the week of clearing, it was a big relief to reach the stability of Saturn.

Colour Mirrors bottle 9, Mars

9/11/11:  9 is the energy of Mars, and energy really is the word to use.  Mars contains passion, life, enthusiasm, vivacity, but also war and aggression.  For me this week, the Mars day was great.  The layers of negativity, attack and ancient fears which I had struggled through in the first few days had taken their toll.  I was exhausted, crushed even.  Although the issues themselves were resolving nicely, I was drained.  Mars brought the spark back. I began to feel the old enthusiasm and passion again.

10/11/11:  10 is the Wheel of Fortune.  Here we step back into our authentic power as

Colour Mirrors bottle 10, The Wheel of Fortune

never before.  The fears have been cleared, the stress, self-doubt and issues of the past have been dealt with and the wisdom integrated.  Only now are we ready to move forward on our paths again.  With the Wheel of Fortune energy, we have wisdom in the gold combined with loving power in the olive.  When we life from a basis of wisdom and love, the power we wield in the world has a lasting basis and true worth.  We cannot reach this stage until we have really looked at the darker aspects of ourselves and stared those fears and limitations in the face without crumbling or backing down.  Everyone I have spoken to about this has reached this stage.

So here we are with our authentic power, ready to step forward to the next level of mastery tomorrow.  My personal journey since the 1st has been huge, and the clearing enormous. As with all these things, the process isn’t fun, but the benefits are worth it.

Let’s embrace this opportunity to shift our life’s energy.  Let go of the limitations of the past, and move forward and up to the next level tomorrow!

What do you think?

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