11/11/11 – What On Earth Is Happening?!?!?

Since the 1st of November, I have had huge waves of negativity come up for clearing.  Issues I thought I had resolved a long time ago suddenly came back stronger than ever.  Attacks and confrontations suddenly arrived from all manner of places.  I literally felt as if the rug had been pulled out from under my feet.  I then realised that it wasn’t just me all this was happening to.  Over the last week, I have been contacted by friends, students and clients all repeating tales of negativity, stress and struggle.  Clearly, there is something much bigger going on here.

I am sure most of you are aware that 11/11/11 is fast approaching, and there is more to this number than simply repetition.  My interpretation of this energy is based on the Colour Mirrors numerology.

Colour Mirrors bottle 11: Duality

For me, the shift in energy definitely started on the 1st of November, 1/11/11.  The energy of number 1 is ‘I AM’ owning your authentic power and the colour Yellow.  The energy of 11 is the first level of mastery, releasing judgement and the colour deep Magenta.  Magenta is the colour which takes us to the next level.

It certainly feels as if we are all bringing up the issues and blocks which have been preventing us from stepping into that authentic power in the past.  These 11 days seem to be an accelerated clearing opportunity for us.  Instead of feeling crushed, dejected and powerless, seize that opportunity to grow and transform.  Each time something unpleasant, stressful or negative happens, use it as a flag to point you where to look within yourself, and what to release.  It may not be a pleasant process, but keep in mind that once these issues are released, they can no longer limit you and your life!

So, hang in there!  Use this time to evolve and grow.  Release those old blocks and negativity, and aspire to stepping into the next level of your mastery on the 11th!

Here is the message of Colour Mirrors bottle 11:  Duality.

“A lack of unity and difficulty in making decisions as the two ones oppose. This is a master number and the hidden message is that it is our last look at issues of separation (think of the twin towers on 11th September). A difficult life path as we struggle to bring together the light and the dark. Look deeper. The dark is deep magenta, the colour related to Divine love and healing. Hidden in these colours are the answers to all issues of separation. This is where we finally let go of judgment of God who got us into the mess in the first place. When we get to the level of mastery that sees only perfection in the imperfection of our lives, the realisation comes that it was always perfect anyway and then we can fully step into the gift of being divinely loved.”


What do you think?

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