Flower Remedies: What Are They For and Can I Use Them?

Flower remedies are natural and effective.  They are safe for everyone to use and can greatly increase your well-being and that of your family.  The actual remedy does not contain any significant quantity of the flower itself, as it is the energetic signature of the flower which is used.

Every feeling, emotion and behaviour pattern has an energy signature to it, and these energies sit in our bodies as a specific vibration. Negative emotions have low vibration energies, and these will bring us down and weaken us.  For example, you might be feeling bitter, overwhelmed with responsibility, full of anxiety, controlling, overly perfectionist, afraid or angry.   While the low vibration signature sits in us, we are likely to be locked into that pattern of negative feeling.   Flower remedies contain beautifully high vibrations.  When we introduce a flower vibration into our bodies, it can gently wash away the low vibration, freeing us of that energy signature, and enabling us to get past the negative emotion we are feeling.

The most well-known and easily accessible flower remedies are the Bach Flower remedies which were developed by Dr Edward Bach in the early 20th century.  You can easily look up the remedies on the internet to find out which will help you most.  They can be purchased from any health-food shop.

When you have selected your remedy, you can either take it directly on the tongue, four drops, four times a day, or you can add the drops to water and sip throughout the day. It is impossible to take too much, so if you feel you need more it is safe to have an extra dose.  Flower remedies are not an instant fix, so if you want to get the full benefit you must take your remedy consistently for at least a couple of weeks.

When you buy the remedy it is in a brandy preservative.  If you wish to use the remedy for a child, or someone on medication who cannot have any alcohol, you need to prepare it before use, and I’ll be showing you how to do this in another post.  In the meantime, please get in touch if you have any questions.


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