The Benefits of Forgiveness

When someone upsets us or makes us angry, we may think we have let it go, but more than likely, your subconscious has notched up a grudge or resentment.  The trouble is that a grudge is like emotional poison.  Over the years, we will take on hundreds or thousands of little grudges.  As this emotional poison builds up, it undermines our health and wellbeing, and may be the seed of serious disease.

Colour Mirrors Bottle 22, Forgiveness

Next time you are angry with someone, ask yourself these questions…..What are you learning from that experience?  How that person should have behaved?   What wisdom have you gained by seeing their bad example?  Then tell yourself that you’ve learnt that lesson now, and can release them from the obligation of teaching you.  Then mentally visualise or imagine the grudge leaving your body and being replaced with white light from the universe.

By releasing the negative energy before it becomes ingrained, you are doing yourself a huge favour in terms of your future wellbeing.

Remember, you can let go of the negativity of an experience without condoning the action or the behaviour.  Holding grudges or resentments only injures you.

What do you think?

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